Reef Life Survey, Image server for benthic photoquadrats

This server provides basic API access to the Benthic Photoquadrats (PQs) as collected by the Reef Life Survey program.

The PQs are part of RLS' globally standardised visual census surveying format. Details of this survey format can be found in the Reef Life Survey Methods Manual over at

The basic api allows you to find surveyIDs of all RLS Surveys that have their PQs curated and catalogued. For each survey query the actual PQ file names in csv format, and each PQ can be obtained in the resolutions original, 50px and 800px. Additionally the PQ for a survey can be obtained packaged in a single zip archive.

A basic description of the API can be found in the API description

The code examples show how you can get access to the PQs using MS Excel and R.