Example use

Downloading PQ Archives using MS Excel and the RLS GeoServer

The Reef Life Survey geoserver provides access to an up to date list of RLS surveys The geoserver can be found here: https://geoserver-rls.imas.utas.edu.au.

  1. Navigate to the Layer Preview.
  2. In the Download selector beside RLS:SurveyList select CSV under WFS.

    This will download a CSV file containing Survey data for all RLS Surveys to date.

  3. Open this CSV file (usually named SurveyList.csv) in MS Excel.

  4. Inspect the column headers in the CSV file (you may have to resize the column widths).

    Toward the right-hand side of the table you will find a column called PQZipUrl, indicating where to download the Zipped archive of the Photo Quadrats.

  5. Paste one of the PQZipURLs in your browser to download the archive of Photo Quadrats for this SurveyID.

Pro tip

You can activate (i.e. make it clickable) the PQZipURL inside Excel using the function =HYPERLINK():

  1. If PQZipURL is column U and you are using column X for Clickable URL
  2. Type Clickable URL in cell X1
  3. Type =HYPERLINK(U2) in cell X2
  4. Double click the cell handle of X2 to fill down to the bottom of the table

Depending on your system's configuration your downloads will be handled by your browser, and you may receive additional dialogs to confirm the downloads.